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Trekking the Te Araroa on Vegaroo

August 13, 2010

Following is an excerpt of a post I wrote for Vegaroo, which is a fairly new Australian vegan website. Enjoy, and be sure to click on the read the rest of this fantastic piece of prose link at the end.

Going vegan. Several years ago I would have laughed at the prospect. You see, I was one of those typical people that didn’t think too much about the wellbeing of non-humans, and thought of vegans as these anti-social salad-munchers that looked in need of a good blood transfusion, or steak.

In 2007 I started an Arts degree with a major in philosophy. In Intro to Philosophy, one of my first subjects, we were required to read a chapter of Animal Liberation by Peter Singer. By the time I put the paper down I was converted. I had been naive. I couldn’t justify eating meat any longer. I went vegetarian immediately.

Read the rest of this fantastic piece of prose…

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