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August 16 – Update

August 16, 2010

Another week has passed. Less than 2 months to go until I jet off to Christchurch, then Auckland, and then Cape Reinga. Oh how time flies.

Some highlights;

Headed up to Mt Lofty on Saturday in some pretty grey weather with my housemate Paul. Nice tramp; did it in pretty good time. What was pleasant was the lack of people on the track. There were a few keen runners out and about, though.

– Heard back from Sherpa, an Australian outdoor wear company, and they are happy to sponsor me with some of their range for my trip. Excellent. Sherpa have been my choice of poly-prop thermals for years. In fact, during winter, I wear a set of Sherpa thermals as my pyjamas. Too much info?

– I’ve been keenly emailing various potential sponsors. This will continue over the next few weeks. I’m not relying on sponsors for my trip at all. But I do have a short “wishlist” that would be nice to tick off. I look at it this way: sponsorship is beneficial for everybody. I receive items I need; the sponsor receives highly-targeted marketing; and the end consumer receives something they want or need.

– I’ve also been keenly going over maps and track notes. I am pretty familiar with the South Island section of the Te Araroa. Well, not so much the track itself, but where it runs and what it’s near. The North Island is very new to me, having only spent a few days in Wellington in 2006. I’ve never really paid much attention to maps of the North. Until now.

I must say, though, I am really looking forward to spending a few months in the North Island. It looks mighty pretty, and like one hell of a challenge. Oh, and very volcano-ey.

– Bit of an aside. Last night I cooked the most awesome vegan Middle Eastern banquet for friends. We had three types of bulani (spring onion / pumpkin and walnut / potato), a spicy green bean stew, falafels, hommus and salad. Complimented with a range of NZ wines and finished off with Haigh’s dark chocolate and “Rose Delight” which is a vegan Turkish Delight that my friend Ash sourced.

Food is fuel, yes. But it’s nice to indulge from time to time. Wish I had taken some photos.

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