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Trip Prep – Cape Reinga to Ahipara

August 23, 2010

Over the past few weeks I have been meticulously going over the track information on the Te Araroa Trust website. In doing so, I’ve really discovered the size of this challenge. The longest I’ve ever tramped in one go is 7-days!

I’ve given all the notes a once over and what I intend to do now is go over each section more carefully and start to document things like campsites and huts, water supplies (important on the Ninety Mile Beach section, not so much elsewhere) and food drops / towns and their facilities. As I do this, I will blog about it to keep you guys informed and it may prove a useful resource to others who intend to do the track in the years to come.

So, here we start at the, well, start. According to the Te Araroa Trust website the first section is known as “Far North” and it runs from Cape Reinga to the Waikare Russell Forest Walkway in the Bay of Islands. This section encompasses the following park tracks: Cape Reinga Track, Herekino Forest Track, Omahuta Puketi Forest Track, Kerikeri River Track, Waitangi Forest Track, and the Waikare Russell Forest Walkway. The gaps are filled with various connectors, walkways and road sections, all of which I shall outline later.

I shall lay it out like this: the sub-section, i.e. Cape Reinga Track; and the length, accommodation options, water availability, food drop / service availability. What I write is based on my research thus far, and not personal experience. Take it with a pinch of salt. It’s really just me thinking out loud.

Cape Reinga Track / Ninety Mile Beach

Length: 103km / 4 days

Accommodation: Freedom camping primarily with few facilities, caravan parks at Waipapakauri and Ahipara, also backpackers and motels at Ahipara.

So, camping between Cape Reinga until Ahipara and then the luxury of backpackers for a night.

Water availability: Pretty bad, limited to a few streams. From the journals I have read, it’s important to carry plenty of water receptacles and to fill them up when you can along this section just in case. The last thing one wants is to run out of water.

Food drops / services: Ahipara has a small supermarket, a couple of takeaway store, and a restaurant.

As the supermarket is probably expensive and limited in range I will post a food drop from Auckland containing staples. I will, however, restock with some fresh items as I pass through Ahipara.

There won’t be any problem getting from Cape Reinga to Ahipara. It’s 4-days. I shall stock up in Paihia en-route to Cape Reinga from Auckland.

More to come tomorrow: Ahipara to Paihia


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