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Trip Prep – Ahipara to Kerikeri

August 29, 2010

Ahipara Connection

Herekino Forest Track
Takahue Connection
Raetea Bypass
Mangamuka Connection
Omahuta Puketi Forest Track or Jacksons Wet Weather Bypass
Puketotara Connection Bypass
Kerikeri River Track

Length: 91km / 4 -5days

Accommodation: Established campsites seem to be rare in this section apart from on the Puketea Ridge Track and Puketotara Connection Bypass where there are a handful of DoC campsites. Night one is likely to be spent at the end of the Herekino Track somewhere – if allowed. Night two at Mangamuka Bridge where there is a hotel (and maybe somewhere for me to camp). Night three (and maybe four) along the Omahuta Puketi Forest Track. And night four / five will be in Kerikeri where there is a plethora of accommodation options including the Kerikeri Farm Hostel and Hone Heke Lodge.

To summarise:

Night 1 – Freedom camping on the Herkino Track
Night 2 – Ideally camping adjacent to the Mangamuka Bridge Hotel
Night 3 – Freedom camping on the Omahuta Puketi Forest Track
Night 4 – Puketi Hut
Night 5 – Hostel accommodation in Kerikeri

Water availability: It seems most of this section of track runs through forest and farmlands. Therefore, there shouldn’t be much trouble getting water from streams. It also passes through a few small settlements which are likely to have a tap or two.

Food drops / services: I will restock by food drop in Ahipara with 5-days of food. I may eat a fresh meal at Mangamuka Bridge Hotel, depending on how vegan friendly they are of course. Kerikeri has full services so I won’t bother with a food drop. Plus the stretch between Kerikeri and Paihia is short (1-day) so there isn’t need for much of a restock. Plus, on my way from Auckland to Cape Reinga, prior to starting the track, I will be staying a few nights in Paihia so that gives me the opportunity of dropping off some supplies, i.e. bulk lentils, rice, and cheap bits and pieces I buy in Auckland. I am sure the prices are going to be higher in a town the size of Paihia if it works anything like it does here in Australia.

Coming soon – Kerikeri to Matapouri

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