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Update – 20/9

September 20, 2010

Yes, yes. I understand. I have been slack with updates of late. Lots has been going down. I’ve been busy with fitness preparation, planning, and tying up lose ends here in Adelaide. On the 8th of October I finish at a company I have worked at for three and a bit years. That alone is daunting, though much anticipated, and time consuming.

What I’ll do below is dot-point what I have been up to with relations to the trip.

– A big thank you to my new sponsors. Little Bird Organics, a NZ based vegan food company, wishes to give me some of their macaroon and sprouted buckwheat grawnolas to try out. Vegan fuel it is sure to be! Can’t wait to tuck into some.

A particularly big thanks to the Scouts Outdoor Centre (SOC) and Annapurna, two outdoor gear stores here in Adelaide, for giving me an exceptionally helpful discount on some essential gear. I’ve been shopping at SOC for ages and their service and range is exceptional. Plus they stock One Planet gear which is a great thing! Thanks Jamie.

– A big thank you to VegNews for running a piece on my trip recently. And a big ol’ HELLO to all the new follows that have become of the article. Thanks for your support.

– Preparation has been going along OK. I aim to be doing 150km on the bike and 30km on foot per week. It’s not exactly working out that way, but I have been doing the 30km on foot through a combination of hiking and walking, and around 50km a week on the bike.

Physically, though, I feel amped.

– This weekend will be the ultimate test. I’m doing the Yurrebilla Trail in the Adelaide Hills which runs for 54km. I will be doing it over the weekend, so keep an eye on my synoptic post on Monday.

This is a great opportunity for me to ensure my gear is all in check too.

– Mentally I just want to get out there. These weeks are becoming long. I’m very much over sitting behind a desk, and it’s somewhat liberating to be finally “handing over” my role to other people.

– A big shout out to Shalane and Alex of ONE.LIFE who have finally arrived in Auckland after a few hiccups along the way. They are set to depart on the Te Araroa on the 15th of October.

Additionally, an article by the gals popped up at Women Sport Report today. Quite inspiring to read, and great to hear after all this distance they are back together raring to go.

– In the coming week I shall post my gear list.

For now, though, over and out.

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