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More piece of the Te Araroa puzzle

September 24, 2010

The 3000km Te Araroa Track is essentially a series of shorter, existing tracks connected to produce a cross-country pathway. Increasingly the gaps between these shorter sections are being filled and the whole track is nearing completion. According to many sources, the track is due for completion in early 2011.

Lake Wanaka

Around Wanaka, on New Zealand’s South Island, a number of new sections have been opened. Paul Hellebrekers from the Department of Conservation (DoC) says 45km of new track have been constructed which makes up a section of the Te Araroa Track.

In addition to the new sections of track around Wanaka, a new hut is to be built on the track near Lake Hawea with another having its status upgraded. According to the Otago Daily Times “the new eight-bunk Pakitaki Hut will be built this summer, while Stody’s Hut, an old musterer’s hut, will be upgraded to “basic” standard.

It’s great to see the track is coming along quite nicely and the completion is nigh.

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